About Mrs.Goddard

 I attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood. I was awarded the "Outstanding Senior Award" for efforts during my student teaching.
I teach Kindergarten which entails teaching children to read and write all the letters of the alphabet. Kindergarteners can write simple sentences and identify rhyming words. In math we sort by attributes, recognize patterns, recognize and write numbers, tell time, do basic addition and subtraction, and recognize different denominations of money. Kindergarten is very busy but very rewarding.
I have been teaching for 17 years. I taught Preschool for seven years and Kindergarten for 10 years. This is my seventh year at South Platte. I enjoy teaching in this friendly environment and how the whole staff participates in helping children succeed.
I am married with three children and love to read in my spare time!