About Mr. Brown


My name is Robert (Bob) Brown and I am the science teacher at South Platte High School. I

received my Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1990. The previous 28 years of

experience was in high tech. My global high-tech experience was primarily the computer chip

industry where I focused on semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Three or four times per week you’d find me on an airplane, either traveling within the United States or internationally. My hope is to bring the experience of those 1000+ international trips to the classroom.

Science, technology, engineering and math are everywhere. My forte is project management, market awareness, training and people management. Having lived in several countries, I hope to bring “real world” perspective to the various science disciplines at SPHS. Parallel to the global corporate activity, I have been a director/trustee at a 501c3 for 10+ years, as an elder at a church. There, I provided leadership, fiscal oversite, business guidance, and a “shoulder-for-

advice”. Also, recent years had my wife and I working with an alternative high school in Idaho.

Last year, I was at Haxtun Middle School teaching 6th , 7th , and 8th grade Earth, Life and Physical Sciences. I believe my calling to make a difference is at the high school level, especially helping students to discover who they are, where they want to go and who they want to be after graduating high school. Science is like a box of chocolates; so many flavors exist and finding your favorite can be a fun experience.

As for family life, we grew-up in northeast Colorado, where we have family. We both graduated from Julesburg High School many years ago. We have three daughters who are currently in their 20’s; the oldest has an environmental science degree, the middle has a degree in Biology and is currently studying nursing, and the youngest is studying diesel mechanics. We became grandparents about two years ago, and occasionally make trips to Idaho to visit. In our spare times, we still like to travel, hike and go on rides on our motorcycles or by car.