About Mr. Kotschwar

 I attended Kearney State College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree. I have majors in  K-12 Physical Education, 7-12 History, Geography, and Social Science. Endorsements in 7-12 Driver Education, and K-12 Coaching. I teach K-8 P.E., 9 P.E./Health, 10-12 Weights, and 7 Geography.
I am also the Jr. High coach Jr. High football, boys basketball, and girls track. High school bowling,
I am completing my 31st year of teaching at South Platte. 

Class Pages


Class Schedule

1   Physical Fitness
2   4th/5th P.E. & 2nd/3rd P.E.

3   Weight Lifting
4    K P.E. & 1st P.E.
5   7th Geography
6   9th PE & Health
7   Plan
8   6th-8th P.E. 


This class is mostly a weight lifting class. The class consists of lifting at least 4 days a week. During the sports seasons, some other type of activity will be done on Friday's. 



  1. You will be required to dress out with proper attire and correct color of shirt every day. If you forget your clothes or whatever, you will make up the lifting.
  2. No candy, pop, gum, or jewelry will be allowed during class.
  3. If you are tardy to class, bring a tardy slip from the teacher you were with.
  4. You will lift weights 4-5 days a week. The other day will be spent doing some type of activity. 
  5. Tennis shoes required while lifting and activity days.
  6. If absent, it is your responsibility to make up the lifts you missed. This needs to be made up by the next grading period.
  7. ​Lifting hard every time is expected of you.


  1. Grading is done on a point system
  2. Daily work 25 points per day​

Physical Education & Health



  1. Your physical education grading will be based on dressing out daily with proper color of shirt, running daily, participating in activities, tests, and skills.
  2. You will learn about and demonstrate skills in lifetime activities such as tennis, sand volleyball, golf, archery, etc.
  3. You will be required to dress out with proper attire every day that you have physical education.
  4. No candy, pop, gum, or jewelry will be allowed during PE.
  5. It is your responsibility to get make up work and get it done on time. If not, points will be deducted from your grade. 
  6. The different health topics that will be covered in class include CPR, drugs/alcohol, bullying, resolving conflicts, relationships,and STD's.
  7. You will be required to pick a health topic of your choice (other than what's covered in class), research it, make a poster, and present the material to the class.
  8. Grading for health class will consist of participation, poster, quizzes, tests, CPR skills, and research topic. Your health and PE grade will be figured together.
  9. Late assignments will be docked points. Assignments turned in after I have handed the work back to the class will not be accepted, and a zero will go into the grade book. (Grace time will be given to those who missed class on the day when work was assigned--according to the school handbook).
  10. If you are tardy to class, bring a tardy slip from the teacher you were with.
  11. Community service: Two hours volunteering in either the Big Springs or Brule community each semester is required. Each hour will be worth 100 points.


  1. Everything is based on a point system.
  2. PE daily grade is worth 30 points. 10 points each for dressing out, running, and participating in activities.
  3. Community service is worth 100 points per hour. Two hours per semester required.
  4. Test points are doubled.
  5. Daily assignments points will vary.
  6. Figure grade by dividing the total number of points the student has earned by the total number of points possible for the grading period.

Geography 7