About Mrs. Alyson Carlson


About Mrs.Carlson

  I attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and received a Bachelor's degree in Education with a minor in Art. I currently teach elementary Art K-6th, Middle School Art 7-8th, Basics of Digital Photography, and High School Art levels 1, 2 and 3.
I have been teaching for 31 years. This is my 9th year at South Platte. I very much enjoy the students and staff in our small town school. Our students are fortunate to receive lots of one-on-one instruction.  
     I live on anacreage north of Grant with my husband, Mike. Together we have four children - Evan (29) works as an engineer for Lindsey Zimmatic, Emily (27) is a registered nurse and was recently inducted as an officer in the Navy, Elisabeth (25) is a Science teacher through the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, and Elliot (22) attends and plays football for Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas.         Other than teaching, I find no greater joy and reward in life than being a parent!
    Outside of teaching and parenting, my hobbies include "Do It Yourself" home projects with my husband, reading, crafting, sewing, exercising, photography, drawing andpainting. I have a small side business called 'Faithpaintings'. I also love to travel and am always eager to learn new things. 


Art Classes

 K-6 Art    Each elementary class has a weekly Art class for 45 minutes.

Middle School Art   7th and 8th grade each receive a full semester of Art daily (they switch at semester). These students learn the basic elements and principles of design, and are introduced to a wide variety of media.

High School Art (3 Levels)   I currently teach three high school level art classes which include instruction with various methods and materials, basic art history, and emphasis on the elements and principles of design. 
Basics of Photography
    This class is offered to Sophomore - Senior students.  We learn the basics of using a digital camera, how to take photos of landscapes, people, nature, still life, etc.  


Mrs. Carlson's Philosophy of Art Education:

Creativity is not only an innate process (for some), but can also be a learned process (for all!). Through hands-on experiences, children are allowed to unleash their natural creativity, and can also learn how to create a project via exposure to various media and teaching techniques. All children should have the opportunity to learn to create their own Art, to appreciate Art, and to understand the principals and elements of Art.  Learning to appreciate art, having the opportunity to create art, and using one's imagination to design art are all integral parts to learning to think at a higher level.  Higher level thinking has been proven to educationally benefit students in ALL academic areas.