About Mrs. Hixon

 Hello!  My name is Lisa Hixon.  I teach 7th grade Math, Pre-algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, and Precalculus here at South Platte School.  I received my Bachelors degree from Grand Canyon University in Education with a major in Secondary Mathematics and my Masters Degree from University of Nebraska at Kearney with a major in Mathematics Education.  I enjoy the pattern of numbers in the mathematical world and appreciate the application they have in the real world!.   Teaching is a second career for me.  Prior to being a teacher I was in the banking and mortgage lending field.  Seeing mathematics in the real world has added to my respect and appreciation of numbers.  It is my hope that each student sees the importance of numbers and mathematics in the world around us, as well as the critical thinking skills mathematics courses reinforce within us.  We do not have to be in a "mathematics" career to need the skill of working with numbers.  Everyday we, as citizens, work with mathematics.  I really hope that I can bring math "alive" for my students so that they develop an appreciation and understanding of mathematics in their own lives.