About Mrs.Jeffres


 I graduated from Kearney State College with an elementary education degree and an endorsement in special education. In 2008 I received my masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Doane College. I have taught Kindergarten, special education, first, third, and fourth grades in my (drum roll), 36 years of teaching!

I have taught at South Platte for 26 years, most of the time in the fourth grade. Small class sizes, supportive administration and excellent co-workers, and WONDERFUL parents and students have made this a great place to teach.
​I especially love teaching science and Nebraska History. In fourth grade science, students learn about rocks and minerals, magnets and electricity, water, the sun and moon, light, sound, heat, important scientists, and inventions. We do lots of investigations in the fourth grade.   The fourth, fifth, and sixth graders will have a science fair in the fall. Fourth graders will be BUSY! 



Learning about Nebraska's history is a big part of our curriculum. It's fun to learn about the early animals that roamed Nebraska. Let's just say it was a "mammoth" job for the primitive Native Americans to hunt down these giant beasts! Fourth graders will learn about the Native Americans that lived right where we do now. We will study the early explorers, the pioneers, our government and much, much more.We will get to travel to different places on field trips to learn more about our past. Our state is full of exciting history and I'm excited each year to teach new students about Nebraska.


 We have a class pet. His name is Tubby!  He is a gorilla that I adopted from the Henry Doorly Zoo! He is quite friendly, although he has been known to cause some havoc in the fourth grade classroom. Sometimes it requires some problem solving and investigating to figure out some of the dilemmas that Tubby creates.  He is a great friend to the students though and loves to snuggle with them during their silent reading time.